EDGE & WAX     $28.95
EDGE and WAX is a two-step process that includes edge buffing and polishing as well as ironed hot wax.

No base grinding or base repair is included in this service.

The Performance Tune includes the Wintersteiger base grinding and structuring. Hand finished edges, sides and base.

We smother all of the work with hot iron ski wax, with the seasonal choice of yellow, blue or red. We can mix those upon request.

DELUXE TUNE      $64.95
In addition to the benefits of the Performance Tune package, and all minor base repair, scratches are included in this service.

Base weld/core shots will be charged at an additional $5-$25 depending on a size and extent of damage.

This service includes a smother with higher grade wax and hot iron.

RACE CUSTOM TUNE      $79.95
The best you can get. Deluxe tune with some more love. Like a hot wax preping base, with more time spent on structure.

Top notch hot iron wax, plus fluoro powder.

A LA CARTE (Prices Vary)
For those who want specific services or custom work done.

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